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When we sleep, it is extremely common to grind our teeth, also known as bruxism. This could wear down your teeth, as well as put extra pressure on your temporomandibular joint or TMJ. This can contribute to premature wear of the teeth and jaw pain. A night guard will not stop you from grinding, but it will decrease the detrimental effects of it.

Reasons to wear a nightguard

Tooth wear that can be prevented with regular checkups and the use of nightguards


How Can Teeth Grinding Affect Your Dental Health?

Teeth grinding and jaw clenching could seem very normal. However, they could lead to severe harm to your teeth in the long run. Teeth grinding is one of the main reasons behind tooth decay and tooth loss. Excessive grinding can wear away the enamel, which is the protective covering of our teeth. Lack of protection exposes the dentin and leads to an increased chance of suffering from dental health issues. Cracking teeth is a main symptom of night time grinding. Wearing a nightguard, specially designed for you by our dentists at Smithfield Family Dentistry, will act as a protective shield and help tackle the issue.

How Does A Nightguard Help?

A night guard will not fix the underlying problem that is causing your bruxism. But it will protect your teeth from constant wear and tear while you are asleep. A night guard essentially acts as a barrier providing that extra layer of protection to your teeth. Thus, if you grind your teeth at night, then your nightguard will wear away instead of the enamel.

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