Metal/Amalgam Filling Replacement - Smithfield, NC

Metal/Amalgam Filling Replacement

Metal/Amalgam Filling Replacement in Smithfield, NC

Metal dental fillings are actually dental amalgam — a stable alloy composed of copper, silver, tin, mercury, and also other metals.

Dental amalgam was used on the past to fill large areas of decay on back teeth. The benefit is that they're strong and last a long time, but over time they can cause damage or leak.

There are a variety of reasons for replacement of amalgam fillings, which include:

  1. Leakage/decay
  2. Fractures of material or tooth structure around/beneath them
  3. Cosmetic concerns

If you're unsure whether you require replacement of your metal/amalgam dental fillings, contact our trusted dentist to discuss the options. Schedule an appointment today!


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