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Gold Crowns

Gold Crowns In Smithfield, NC

A crown is a cap or covering that is put over a portion of a tooth that has been damaged by:

  • Breakage
  • Tooth decay
  • A root canal
  • A large filling

A crown may also be used by a dentist to improve the appearance of teeth with discolored fillings or to secure a bridge or in place.

Depending on the purpose and the condition of the tooth, crowns may entirely or partially cover a tooth up to the gum line.

Gold Crown

For almost 4,000 years, gold has been used in dentistry to heal teeth. Dentists now frequently mix gold with additional metals such as palladium, nickel, or chromium. This boosts the crown's strength.

Crowns made of gold or gold alloys may appear silver or gold in color. These crowns are rarely chipped or broken. They don't wear down easily and only require a small amount of tooth removal to be applied. These crowns are extremely long-lasting and can last for decades.

Gold alloys, on the other hand, are the least natural-looking crown material due to their metallic color. Some people prefer to have gold alloy crowns placed on molars that are not visible.

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