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Dentures In Smithfield, NC

Is it time to restore your smile with straight and attractive teeth? Do you want to be able to chew again? Smithfield Family Dentistry is glad to assist you by providing dentures in Smithfield, NC!

Dentures can restore your smile to what you once had, or better! There are a variety of options that you and your dentist can discuss to provide the best option for tooth replacement.

Removable Appliance

These are the least expensive option, but can provide a good avenue for restoring some chewing function. The dentist will go through a series of steps to ensure the best fit possible and the look of your dreams. The upper denture fits like a suction cup. It stays in the mouth with a combination of denture adhesive and saliva. The lower denture does not have as many retentive features as the upper, so its advised that adhesive is worn to lessen the amount of movement and rubbing on the gums

Removable Implant Retained Denture

Dentures can be unstable and painful. If you are tired of your loose dentures, we have a comfortable solution for you. Removable implant retained denture offers stability and retains the denture in place by snapping the removable denture onto dental implants. The strong snapping mechanism keeps the denture in position while chewing. It also allows easy removal for regular cleaning. With removable implant retained dentures, you can smile with confidence and enjoy your favorite foods once again.

Fixed Appliance

An implant retained denture is by far the most superior product for tooth replacement. There are a variety of options, ranging from removable to completely fixed appliances. By adding implants to your dentures, you will dramatically improve chewing and overall functionality of the denture. Many people enjoy this option due to better taste, less or no movement, and better comfort.

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