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Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers In Smithfield, NC

Veneers can provide a complete makeover to your smile. If you suffer from misshaped or dark colored teeth, veneers are a great way to improve your smile. Here at Smithfield Family Dentistry, we will provide you with the best dental veneers that suit your oral health requirements.


What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are thin shells that cover the front surface of the tooth and go all around sides and biting edges. This procedure requires the removal of a thin layer of enamel from the affected tooth in the places that will be covered by the veneer. The amount of enamel that will be removed is usually not more than one millimeter. Removing the enamel allows the veneer to blend in with the rest of your teeth and they do not look out of place. These are attached to your teeth using a bonding material. A special ray of light is used to solidify the bonding material.

When Should You Choose Dental Veneers?

Our dentists will recommend you to opt for dental veneers to correct the following issues

  • Fix the gaps between your teeth.
  • Fix minor issues of misalignment
  • Restore chipped or broken teeth
  • Alter the size or shape
  • Rectify issues of uneven length
  • Fix issues of discoloration

Benefits Of Dental Veneers

There are several advantages of using dental veneers. Our dentists have listed a few of them here

  • Look and feel natural
  • Improves your appearance
  • Conservative


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